Wash Park System - SKYWING

SKYWING – A symbiosis of innovative design and perfect handling

A flood of light and transparency give the wash customer a good wash feeling. The enlarged wash bay width of 5.100 mm gives wash customers a generous amount of space for washing around the vehicle. This enlarged width has been especially construed to comfortably host wider vehicles. The steel roof construction design, reminiscent of an airplane’s wings, is an inviting attraction to customers. Best wash results and lowest possible operation costs are achieved in combination with Christ’s technology made in Germany.

SKYWING – just feels different

passage height of 3.100 mm and a passage width of 5.100 mm accommodates all standard passenger cars. The steel construction is designed for forward entering and exiting (drive-through boxes). In order to be able to allow as much natural light as possible to enter the wash area, the roof construction has been designed in as a translucent wing. The side wash bay partition walls can either be designed in a sandwich plate construction or in hardened safety glass (ESG-glass). Especially with the ESGglass the wash bay has design that is dominated by transparent surfaces and a maximum of natural light.


Have fun with XXL-foam!

Fresh scent, thick foam and the satisfaction that dirt has not a chance: That is our XXL foam! XXL-foam is effectively applied to the vehicle with a foam spray lance. The dried on dirt is professionally soaked down and loosened. Following a soak-down period of approx. 30 seconds, the vehicle wash continues with the wash program “high-pressure pre-cleaning”.

Dirt can now be removed even more easily with the high-pressure lance. By investing in the Christ XXL-foam spray device, the operator has the extra opportunity to increase his average wash price and in doing so ensure a quicker amortisation of the total investment.

We not only protect the environment,
but also your purse


Save heating costs

Up to 25% savings on heating substances = fuel through the employment of condensing boilers (fuel saving technique).
Additional savings potential by employing solar collectors for warming water.

Save water

Up to 80% savings on fresh water (and respective drainage water fees) for wash programs hot wax and gloss rinse (osmosis) via the Christ low-pressure application process.

Save electricity

Up to 45% savings in electricity costs for high-pressure supply devices. Increased life duration of high-pressure supply devices and improved running smoothness via slow running. Frequency conformer can be additionally combined.



Individual colouring

Individual Attikadesign


Save chemicals

Up to 80% savings on fresh water (and respective drainage water fees) for wash programs hot wax and gloss rinse (osmosis) via the Christ low-pressure application process.

Service station supply and other

Washing accessories are very important for a good car wash. Those who rely on high-quality washing utensils can expect an optimal and scratch-proof car wash. In our shop you will find all necessary accessories from the washing bucket to the dry cloth.

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